Review Campaign - Improving Customer Retention Through Positive Interaction


Does your WISP struggle with negative online reviews? Ping has a proven process to generate positive ratings that will give potential customers a great first impression.

A Ping Marketing Case Study

As Ping works to generate leads for WISPs and help them grow, one of the biggest issues we run into is negative reviews. Nothing turns a potential customer away faster than a bad first impression when they look your company up on Google or on Facebook.

One of Ping’s most successful programs has been our Review Campaign service. This program is designed to increase a WISP’s online ratings by efficiently soliciting positive reviews from existing customers. In order to accomplish this, we run the customers through a complicated but highly effective funnel. We filter out unhappy customers by diverting them into a second funnel that prompts them to send their feedback privately. This keeps it out of the public eye and forwards it directly to your customer service team.

Ping’s Review Campaign service is incredibly effective. Take Natel Broadband, for example. In three months, we took their reviews across Facebook and Google and multiplied them by five and a half times. We increased their total review count from 14 to 77 over those three months. Those 63 new reviews averaged 5.0 stars. During that time, we increased their overall rating across both platforms from 3.5 stars to 4.7 stars.

Even better, Ping’s Review Campaign results are consistent. Look at e-vergent, another one of our clients. Over a three-month period, we generated 110 new reviews for them from existing customers, averaging 4.9 stars each. Even with 120 reviews already under their belt when we started, we were able to increase their overall average rating from 4.0 stars to 4.4 stars.

The Review Campaign is only a small part of what Ping does for our client WISPs. We help WISPs grow every day by generating qualified, in-area leads using digital ads.

Get started with Ping today. Let us help you grow, and grow well. We do more than just generate leads for you, we help you manage your online reputation and increase customer retention.

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