Customer Lifetime Value - Consistent Results Over Time


Considering hiring Ping Marketing, but unsure if we're capable of delivering long-term value? Read about how we track and deliver a positive ROI for our client ISPs.

A Ping Marketing Case Study

At Ping Marketing, our top priority is delivering a positive return on investment (ROI) for our customers. Most marketing companies focus on brand awareness because they aren’t confident in their ROI and haven’t taken the time to track their results.


At Ping, we are focused entirely on qualified lead generation. We haven’t succeeded unless we’ve generated enough money for you that your investment into us is worth it. That’s why we’ve built systems designed to track, collect, screen and deliver potential customers to you.


Ping’s focus on positive ROI is why we’ve invested significant resources into tracking key metrics that help us determine our true costs to you. This includes the true value of the leads we provide. The biggest metric we use to track ROI is Customer Lifetime Value


Customer Lifetime Value is how Ping measures the return that we provide our clients. We take your average customer lifetime and your average revenue per customer per month and multiply the two to calculate the amount of money that each of your customers will bring you on average.


Many ISPs considering hiring Ping ask about our long-term value. They are impressed by our results early on, but are curious if we are able to continue delivering a positive ROI over many years. Let’s look at one of our clients, e-vergent.

e-vergent has been with Ping for more than 18 months. During that time, they have generated an average of $32,319.22 in Customer Lifetime Value each month from our marketing efforts. This income is measured solely from the customers that we’ve brought them, not from any other sources.

That income is also solely from leads that Ping has tracked directly through our funnel. It does not include any customers that they gained as a side effect of the brand awareness generated from our campaign. If we can’t track it, we don’t count it.


If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help your ISP out with brand awareness or a lead generation machine that will help your ISP grow consistently over time, you should hire Ping Marketing.

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