Ping is a full-stack ISP and WISP marketing and advertising agency specializing in online media and customer acquisition. 

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Your WISP’s first marketing priority is to generate leads. Get your phones and e-mail buzzing with new qualified leads for your WISP.

Utilizing the best platforms at the best cost, your messages are crafted to inspire prospects to take action now and to learn more or become a subscriber. You pick the area you want to target and Ping will place the ads that drive activity and interest in your services. 

The goal is to build a solid customer base by increasing the lifetime value of your monthly subscription accounts.


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Get More Customers. 

Keep More Customers.

Getting results is a must. And when you find something that works you’ll want to expand the reach. 

All results from your campaigns are collected and analyzed. This process turns everything into a math problem that's easy to solve. You can see what’s working, what’s been successful and where you should scale your ad budget. You'll have insight on how to improve conversion, the sales process and how best to optimize for more growth. 


You’ll get a funnel that will generate sales upfront with tracking to be sure the marketing keeps moving prospects toward the funnel. 

The goal here is to keep things simple and focus on conversions. With the data that's collected, your funnel will be in a continuous optimization process so results are maximized. Ads are designed based on the highest converting styles and are always approved by you.


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If you want to drive sales you've got to start with the right traffic. It's also important to get the best cost per acquisition. You don't just spend, you spend smart.

We supercharge your WISP marketing using sources that provide the highest ROI. We use innovative and groundbreaking tactics for deploying highly targeted digital ads to your potential customers. For example, we can target Facebook ads at residents of specific neighborhoods, and even individual buildings. Beyond direct lead generation, these ads build top-of-mind awareness in your community, without wasting any money on ineligible people or filling your inbox with unqualified leads.


Your sales team will soon be more efficient and ready to close when the leads come in.

Have a sales team? Take your WISP marketing success offline with access to professional coaching. We’ll help train them to close more qualified prospects, and how to work with CRMs to document and track their sales process and maximize results.


Speak to a live ISP marketing specialist about your business!

Get More Customers. 

Keep More Customers.

Drive more engagement and sales with Social Media. This will help generate leads, sales and creates raving fans for your business.

Sure, you may have had some reviews in the past that you weren't sure how to respond to, but now you have access to a team that can assist and train your Tech Support and Customer service teams how to respond. They will learn how to turn a bad post in to a sales driving message. This will show your high quality subscriber support and enhance the services you offer.


Just because someone didn't convert doesn't mean they are lost forever. With a quality follow up campaign you can drive sales from past visitors.

Expertly crafted emails that get prospects engaged and keep them on your follow up list is the key. You’ll see results from emails proven to be successful in inspiring subscribers to leave positive reviews, refer you like crazy to friends and family, and just become a raving fan of your company and the services you offer. 


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Your ISP business can only grow through these three ways – get more subscribers, get them to spend more, get them to stay longer.

Choose a marketing company that understands the WISP industry and gets you results in all three success principles. Ping Marketing delivers ISPs and broadband-related companies a better ROI through digital and print marketing.

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