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Have you ever had a subscriber suddenly cancel their services and switch to a competitor without expressing any concerns about their internet beforehand? Well, if you’re an ISP owner or operator, we already know the answer to that question - because it happens to all of us. 

As a general rule of thumb, for every one person that complains about your service, you should assume that somewhere between ten and a hundred people have the same complaint, yet have said nothing. 

As ISP operators, we will always spend at least 80% of our time dealing with the same 20% of our customer base. This often means we forget about the ones that don’t ever say anything - but that doesn’t mean they aren’t having problems too - problems that can fester and grow until they suddenly leave with no warning. 

This is why we created our Customer Satisfaction Campaign.


Unlike our popular and extremely effective Review Campaign, the goal of this campaign is not to identify your happy customers and get them to leave a review, it is to identify your unhappy customers and get them to leave the worst complaint possible, so that you can uncover, diagnose, and resolve issues with your network and personnel that you never knew existed. This will not only keep those quietly unhappy customers from leaving, but it will also improve your company’s overall reputation, which will positively impact every area of your business.


We built this campaign for a client of ours that was specifically searching for a solution to this problem. They had lost 50 customers in one month to a new competitor, and had no idea why, because none (or very few) of those customers had ever expressed any issues with their internet. On top of that, our client knew that their prices and service were significantly superior to the competitor that was taking their customers. Something had to be going on, but they couldn’t figure out what. 


Over the course of three months, we obtained detailed survey results from over 1,000 of their approximately 2,000 subscribers, using our new campaign. Not only did these responses help our client identify previously unknown issues in their network and resolve them, but it helped our client identify the reason their customers were leaving - speed. 


This new competitor was attracting their customers by advertising higher speeds, despite the fact that their service was unstable, more expensive, and came with no local support team whatsoever. Our client had already updated their network and was capable of delivering higher speeds, but most of their customer base had been receiving service for years and were unaware that they could simply upgrade their plan.


Out of those more than 1,000 responses, over 200 of them specifically stated that they would be willing to pay at least $10/month more for additional speeds - representing not only a $2,000/month increase in monthly revenue without installing a single new home, but increased customer satisfaction and loyalty across the board. 


What makes our system different from any others? Well, look at the results. An excellent response rate to these kinds of surveys is 25% according to leading market research. Our campaign resulted in an over 50% response rate - more than twice the standard of excellence in our industry. 


Additionally, as ISP owners and operators ourselves, we were able to customize every step of the process to specifically cater to our industry. Our team is experienced at the nuances specific to our industry, as well as with integrating our systems with various ISP billing systems and CRMs. 


Finally, the biggest reason we are an amazing fit for ISPs is our cost versus the return on that investment (ROI). Our Customer Satisfaction Campaign is $499/month, with no long-term contracts. All we require is a one-month cancellation notice to make sure our team is compensated for their work, and we ask (but don’t require) that you give all of our campaigns at least 3 months to succeed in order to maximize your ROI. 

Over the course of those first three months with this one client, we were able to generate high-quality upsell leads that are now paying them more per month than they paid for the entire program combined - and that was just a side effect of the campaign, not even the main goal. The long-term returns on having happier customers and a higher-quality network are impossible to measure.


We know what it takes to sustain and grow an ISP. Let us help you grow yours. Sign up for our Customer Satisfaction Campaign or book a free consultation with one of our ISP marketing experts today.

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